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"Just wanted to say thank you very much for a wonderful weekend of Tango, for something to run so seemingly effortlessly I know that there was a lot of preparation and work put into it  - very much appreciated.

I don't think I mentioned at the time how much I had enjoyed the live music and what a positive affect it had had on me"

Isadora Duncan

Typical Super Tangk* Programme
(The timings may change slightly according to the needs of visiting teachers)

The Tangkademy and Tango Tangk
These events are similar but start with a milonga only on Friday and the workshops begin on Saturday morning.


20.00-00.00    Welcome Milonga
Private lessons may be available during the afternoon depending on the teachers arrival time.

10.45    Doors open, welcome, warm up
11.00-12.30    Workshop 1
12.30-12.45    Coffee Break
12.45-13.45    Practica, Private lessons
13.45-15.00    Lunch break
15.00-16.30    Workshop 2
16.30-17.00    Tea break
17.00-18.00    Practica, P
rivate lessons
18.00-20.00    Enough time to go home, back to your B&B or have a meal at one of the local pubs.
20.00-00.00    Milonga
10.45    Doors open, warm up
11.00-12.30    Workshop 3
12.30-12.45    Coffee Break
12.45-13.45    Practica, Private lessons
13.45-15.00    Lunch break
15.00-16.30    Workshop 4
16.30-17.00    Thanks & Tea break
17.00-18.00    Practica, Private lessons
18.00-19.30    Enough time to go home, back to your B&B or have a meal at one of the local pubs.
19.30-23.00    Milonga

We reserve the right to amend the timings.

Sharing the space with us - what to expect
  • The Super Tangk is rather like a house-party. We try to create a home away from home that is as comfortable and welcoming to guests as our house is. So please make yourself at home and share the experience in as many ways as possible.
  • If you plan to share lunch, supper or snacks with us, please contribute some food. If you are not sure what to bring, don’t worry, you will receive some hints prior the event. You may prefer to bring a dish you have prepared in advance or bought, to save time, but you will still be expected to take your turn with the chores. If you don't want to join in the community spirit at mealtimes, there is a pub serving food a mile down the road at Brooke.
  • There will be a rota for chores so please put your name down when you arrive. Everyone (no exceptions) is expected to do 2 chores over the weekend. We are sure you will appreciate that the weekend only works if everyone does their share. 
  • We will supply tea, a range of herbal teas, coffee, squash and fresh milk daily. Please bring any other drinks you may require.
  • The kitchen has a small oven and 4 ring hob.
  • We will provide basic utensils and equipment, cleaning materials, bin liners, cling film and foil, plus store cupboard items such as salt, pepper, vinegar, cooking oil, olive oil, stock cubes, dried herbs, milk and sugar.
  • The Social Club Bar is usually open on Friday and Saturday evenings and Sunday lunch time until 4.00pm. Please bring any other drinks you may require.

Staying in the area
You can download a list of B&B’s, hotels from the website. B&Bs

Bramshaw Village Hall, New Forest, Hampshire SO43 7JE


Directions: Via the M27 westward, exit at junction 1 (Lyndhurst). At roundabout take the third exit, sign posted Bramshaw. Drive through Brook, bear right to Bramshaw. Pass the village Post Office, across the crossroads, and after the double bends you will see the sign for the village hall on your left.
Drive cautiously - forest animals do stray onto road. Please leave quietly at night and drive slowly over the cattle grid.

How and when to book - please read this before booking!
You must purchase your tickets prior to the event - this is not a drop in event
  • It is a condition of your booking that you agree to do 2 chores - (see “Sharing the space”) over the weekend. A Tangk is about community as well as dance development, and we maintain low costs by organising it as a community venture. Anyone not agreeing to this will have their booking request returned. 
  • To book please use the form to book, even if you have attended previous events. If you do not follow the system you are in danger of losing your place in the queue.
  • Our aim is to balance the number of leaders and followers (this is for your benefit) so that no one is standing out during the class. You will have the opportunity to change partners during the classes. 
  • Day places are limited to 20 couples.
  • No drop-ins, guests or spectators please.
  • Please bear in mind that if you drop out of a class or turn up late you affect everyone else by upsetting the balance of leaders/followers.
  • Places are limited and we normally sell out very quickly, so to avoid disappointment please try to book with a partner as soon as possible.
  • Once your booking has been accepted, you can pay by credit card via Paypal (plus a commission charge), via internet banking or by cheque or cash. Your place is un-confirmed until we have received payment.
  • Private lessons are available for individuals or couples and cost £30ph (price may vary with teachers). Payment is made via Debbie, in cash, on the day. It is advisable to book private lessons in advance.

Weekend tickets: £88pp.
Prices include workshops, dancing throughout the day and the milongas.

Milonga tickets (no booking required): are only valid from 8pm and do not include food or drinks. Friday 8pm-12.ooam £7,  Saturday 8pm-12am £7 (£10 with a maestros demo) , Sunday 8pm-11pm £7.
Please feel free to bring a bottle in case the bar is not open.

  • Any of our Tangks can be reserved with a 33% deposit. Payment is due 30 days before the event. We will send you a reminder. Your place is unconfirmed until payment has been received in full.
  • There are no refunds if you cancel your booking less than 4 weeks before the event unless a suitable and appraised replacement(s) can be found to take your place(s).
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