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Our teaching experience

Steve is a life-long musician and creative artist and graphic designer. Before tango, Steve was a partner in a graphic design company since 1981 and more recently developed his teaching skills as an IT trainer for a national charity and as a horse-riding instructor. Both these teaching roles helped him to evolve a pedagogical interaction with people and an understanding that effective

teaching requires the multilateral development of a student's mind, body and spirit. 

Steve and Debbie have been teaching Argentine Tango since 2000, at first on a part-time basis, and then in 2004 they made it their full time jobs. After another six years of developing the local tango community and refining a  pedagogic system for teaching this beautiful dance, they opened their own 125 square metre dance studio in Bramshaw in the New Forest (pictured below).

The 125 sqm dance studio at Bramshaw within

easy reach of Southampton, Salisbury and Bournemouth,
5 minutes from junction 1 on the M27 MAP

They also organise regular social events and teaching weekends with visiting teachers from around the world and are regularly invited to teach in Europe and around the UK. You can read comments from colleagues and students in the blue column on the right.

Where can I learn to dance with
Steve and Debbie Morrall?

We teach group workshops, weekly classes, private lessons at our dance studio in Bramshaw, New Forest only five minutes from junction 1 on the M27. Directions

Level 1: Beginners' Courses

8 week course on Thursday nights.
Please check the next start date here

Level 2: Embracing the Core Element

On Wednesday nights, we focus on building a choreographic repertoire, floor navigation skills and getting your dance to flow.

Level 3: The moves, the music, the magic

For dancers who are confident with all our earlier levels of teaching, On Tuesday nights we delve into connecting to the music with simple moves and extreme musicality.

Occasionally, we lead workshops and teach at festivals and other tango events around the country which we publish on our events page and via our 'opt-in' email.

The core elements of teaching at Bramshaw
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Download lesson notes for our beginner's course here

Steve and Debbie do not to teach choreographic patterns which trap dancers in sequences and make them slaves to their memory. Dancers learn how to get their dance to flow in the same way we construct sentences that flow, chosing each word (each move) as we go.

Tango is about the music and dancing from the heart. In a recent class, Steve and Debbie were working on breaking the dance down into taking one considered step at a time. In the class, Steve said "....think of tango as non-verbal communication. A conversation with a stranger will start simply and grow in depth and complexity as we learn how they respond, what they are interested in, what moves them and what they don't like." To illustrate this, he showed the dancers an exercise to apply this concept in the way mind and body could understand. 

"Start every dance simply - even with a partner you know well. They can have off days too and need to refocus on you and your dance. Don't hurry steps, savour moments of simply walking together in an embrace. Ask yourself - can you feel her heart beat? Can you feel tension? Are you tense? Don't forget to breathe. A deep, slowly exhaled breath in an embrace will encourage your partner to relax."

Read other articles by Steve on argentine tango in Pink Papers.

Other workshops and classes that help dancers progress to tango 'bliss'.

Tango Bodyshop is aimed at dancers of any level who feel their dance needs a boost. It uses large screen video to give instant visual feedback to dancers and is a very powerful learning and refining tool for posture, style, axis and balance.

The Tango Tangk is a weekend workshop where you can immerse yourself in the dance. Teaching is provided by visiting maestros from around the world who we know and trust to provide the very best tuition. Steve is also available for private lessons during Tango Tangks.

Our musicality workshops and seminars separate the processes of (a) learning to understand tango music and (b) moving with understanding to tango music. Using a grand piano, Steve Morrall teaches these workshops using a mix of seated audience participation to build an understanding of musical structure and movement to music.

Feedback on our teaching style and method

"Steve Morrall is one of the most inspiring tango educators and personalities of our time. I heard of him, but then met him in person, worked with him, joined his class. Hands down. I suggest you all to get to know him."
Murat Erdemsel

Murat and Michelle Erdemsel travel the world teaching Argentine Tango. They taught a Tango Tangk at Bramshaw in April as part of their 2013 European Tour.

Steve and Murat s
hare a background in graphic design and music and discovered a remarkable similarity and crossover in their teaching style and content. Murat and Michelle's beautiful dance style and captivating musicality is captured on many YouTube videos.

Feedback from a German dance couple who attended a 1 week musicality course at La Rogaia in Italy in 2013

Mein Mann Dieter und ich dachten nach unserem letztjährigen Aufenthalt auf La Rogaia könnte die Stimmung und Atmosphäre nicht mehr getoppt werden. Aber ganz weit gefehlt: die letzte Woche war fantastisch,  der schönste und lustigste Tangounterricht, den wir je hatten.

Tangounterricht bei Steve und Debbie ist einzigartig: die Besonderheiten der verschiedenen Tangoorchester wurden anschaulich erarbeitet und (sollten) in Bewegungsmuster umgewandelt werden. Die  Harmonie beim Tango, die Musikalität, mit der der Tango interpretiert wird, all diese Aspekte haben uns während der Woche begleitet und fasziniert.

Dadurch, dass Steve auch Musiker ist wurde auf die Musikalität in der Interpretation des Tango größtes Augenmerk gelegt, anhand von bildhaften, humorvollen Erklärungen, die sich tief einprägten, konnten wir wesentliche neue Erkenntnisse für unseren persönlichen Tangostil erarbeiten. Die Interpretation des Tango, die Steve und Debbie uns zeigten, ist eine unerhört neue, intensive Erfahrung für uns.

Die Privatstunden, die wir noch zusätzlich bei Steve und Debbie nahmen, waren gekennzeichnet durch intensives Erarbeiten eines individuell auf uns zugeschnittenen Inputs. Steve und Debbie sind erfahrene, didaktisch absolut sattelfest Tangolehrer, die völlig neue, uns bisher nicht bewusste Aspekte zu Tage brachten. Die originelle und fantasievolle, individuelle Tango-Instruktion, die wir diesem Lehrerpaar verdanken, wird uns von nun an begleiten. Besser kann Tangounterricht nicht sein!

Barbara und Dieter Schwaninger, Innsbruck

Feedback from a local dancer who had a
series of private lessons with Steve
to prepare for a trip to Buenos Aires.

"I had to write from Buenos Aires and let you know Steve that your teaching has been much complimented on.

I have been told over and over again that I dance like a true tanguera and they ask who my teacher is as he must be Buenos Airean and I tell them it is you and that you are someone who is true to the BsAs method and ethos. They are all absolutey delighted with that.

I have now been whisked on the floor for every milonga going including with Josť whatever his name is and we 'ripped up the floor' with him doing all those knee lifts and kicks at Gricel, it was FANTASTIC. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

Lorna GR

Feedback from a dancer from Amsterdam

Steve is a relaxing, calming dance teacher. He explains dance movements and corrections in a variety of styles; concepts that can seem nebulous, elusive, or just plain fanciful in other classes become clearer and more logical as he presents them.

He approaches dance both from the artistic, emotional angle of musical interpretation and the mechanical necessity of moving the body from one position to another while retaining control and interaction with your partner.

We gained a great deal from the lesson and would be happy to recommend him to complete beginners and more advanced dancers.

The Tango UK venue is lovely and the location a pleasure to find - where else can you tango in an ancient forest?  He is also easy to contact and organised in his responses and scheduling."

Becky Brod

Hi Steve, I still think about the amazing milonga musicality class you ran at the Tango Mango a year or more back.. with us all clapping different rhythms. Please let me know well in advance if you ever plan to repeat any thing simular at bramshaw. I would travel from Cardiff for it.

Daren John

Tangoworkshop “Musikalität” in La Rogaia
im September 2013:
Um unser Wissen und unser Verständnis über die musikalischen Aspekte des Tango Argentino zu vertiefen, hatten wir die Tangowoche mit Steve und Debbie in La Rogaia gebucht.
Es war eine berauschende Erfahrung! Steve & Debbie sind sehr versierte, wunderbar geduldige und hilfreiche Lehrer. Die zehn Unterrichtseinheiten waren logisch und für die Teilnehmer verständlich aufgebaut. Es kam nie Langweile auf, was auch “ein wenig” mit dem komödiantischen Talent von Steve zu tun hat - die Lachmuskeln hatten in dieser Woche Schwerstarbeit zu leisten.  Steve und Debbie haben uns mit einer Fülle an Ideen und Hilfestellungen in den Tango-Alltag entlassen. Wir haben viel mitgenommen und würden sofort wieder mit den Beiden eine Tangowoche verbringen. Nochmals ganz herzlichen Dank für dieses fantastische Erlebnis.

Christine und Thomas May, Bonn, Oktober 2013

Our teaching method

Steve is a natural and intuitive teacher who draws on strengths that Myers-Briggs (MBIT) would categorise as eNFJ (extravert, iNtuitive, Feeling, Judging) a rare mix of qualities only found in 2-3% people. 

Steve is an advocate of the possible, someone who will say 'half full' rather than 'half empty', a teacher who instinctively looks to and expects the best in people. He inspires confidence and self-belief because he is enthusiastically confident and believes in himself.

Murat Erdemsel, a world renowned Argentine tango dancer and teacher describes Steve Morrall as "one of the most inspiring tango educators and personalities of our time". MORE ABOUT MURAT

As a teacher, he encourages with positive feedback, celebrating the smallest improvement. In mixed level workshops, Steve can spontaneously and effortlessly adapt activities and imagery that will help students of all levels improve their dance skills.

He teaches tango as a process of engaging mind, body and spirit and will draw on all his life skills of theatre, music, dance, clowning and art to help people bring out their inner potential.

Curriculum for our 8 week beginners class at Bramshaw

Objectives: Price:
1 Secrets of the tango embrace and the tango walk. Introducing floorcraft.  £8*
2 Side step or change of weight. So similar yet so different.  £8
3 Collaborative movement through non verbal communication. £8
4 Walking in an embrace to music. Tango is ALL about the music, so lets learn how to dance simply to it. £8
5 Learning to dance tango is like learning another language. Lets tell each other a story in 'tango-speak'. £8
6 Walking the dance or dancing the walk - understanding the difference will help you move like an Argentinian. £8
7 The whole dance is made up of 5 core movements, 3 linear, 2 rotary.  £8
8 A review of all the above and gentle assessment of participants' needs to improve their dance £8

Call us for details of our next 8 week beginners course on 023 8081 4851

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