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Steve is teaching musicality workshops at the Winter Taboe camp in The Netherlands. Click on the TRUST image to find out more about Taboe Camp, Steve's workshop themes and booking details.

Ten top tips for dancing Argentine tango GO

The music, the moves, the magic of Argentine Tango: 

Every Tuesday night, and on special weekend dates, Steve Morrall leads classes that focus on using the music as inspiration for improvised movement.
Michelle and Murat Erdemsel joined us for our class on Vals recently and Michelle posted this quote on facebook on May 2:
"If you live close by Bramshaw, I highly recommend attending these musicality workshops. Every Tuesday!! I wish I could take advantage of it myself!"

Here is a playlist of 28 of the great orchestras from Argentina of the last century. You need to have a free subscription to to listen to this playlist. If you come along to our Tuesday tango class "Bailamos tango: the moves, the music, the magic" each week Steve chooses a track from one of these orchestras and guides the class to discover a deep and meaningful connection with the music.

Steve's work on tango musicality receives award from in Buenos Aires

SallyCat in Buenos Aires has awarded an ABBBA to Steve for his exciting and original work in the field of development of musicality in tango dancers; especially, his weekly workshops in Advanced Musicality at Bramshaw Tango (which I would love to attend one day), and this brilliantly clear and effective chart of tango orchestras through time.

"Steve has always been an inspiration to me because of the strength, passion and generosity in his tango heart, the wide range and quality of the tango events that he runs with his wonderful wife Debbie, and the musical genius that he brings to the British tango page", SallyCat writes in her blog.

Read the original post (with links) on GO

Learn to dance Argentine Tango

Get fit, have fun, lose weight, meet like-minded people and learn a beautiful dance with our 8 week progressive course for absolute beginners, the next start date is shown in the black column on the left.
Argentine tango is an improvised, close embrace dance based on 5 fundamental moves. We teach this with an emphasis on connection, musicality and technique. 
Classes take place in our dedicated dance studio in the south wing of Bramshaw Village Hall, SO43 7JE
Weekly on Thursday nights at
8.00-9.30pm. (Check the start date of our next course and please book your place)  If you cannot make weekly classes we also run one day introductory courses throughout the year, called Tango Toolkits, GO
First week taster session to see if you like the dance (and our teaching) 10, followed by a 7 week course 56pp (8pw)
To Register/Book
Please register in advance to reserve your place as numbers are limited.
Beginners' courses take place at our dance studio, 2 miles from J1 on the M27 at Bramshaw in the New Forest.  TELEPHONE AND CONTACT DETAILS

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Tango is about sharing 

Steve and Debbie recommend to coordinate the sharing of car journeys and cut costs.

After joining this free service, members simply register their journey and the system lists all potential matching journeys. The matches are displayed in both table and map format, allowing the user to easily find the most suitable people. Having found a match the user simply sends an automated email to any likely matches and arranges to travel together.


Milonga Uno happens every 2nd Friday of the month, 8pm - midnight.

There is so much choice for dancing argentine tango socially these days if you are a confident dancer. For the last few years we have observed beginners and recent beginners try a milonga or tea dance once or twice and then give up. The problem is the seniors in the dance community are getting better and better but from a beginners' perspective 'better and better' is perceived as  'intimidating and exclusive'.

A dancer who was a regular tango dancer 7 years ago, dropped in recently to say hello and commented on how much the scene had changed, saying "You know Steve, it's not as much fun as it used to be". That got me thinking.....

Milonga Uno is designed to be fun. It is not in any way a traditional milonga - we offer this format on other nights, as do most other organisers. Milonga Uno is for people who enjoy dancing, having fun and going out for a great social evening. The music is skillfully mixed by Steve to include some real gems of Argentine tango, vals and milonga, but more than 70% of the playlist will be alternative, modern music that tango dancers can connect rhythmically to. MILONGA UNO SOUNDS

There are no tandas (a collection of 3 or 4 tracks followed by a cortina). Music is played track by track to encourage dancers to dance one track at a time instead of adhering to the 'finish the tanda whatever happens rule'. Its a party, not a trial by jury!

With this eclectic, esoteric mix of music, you are likely to hear some tracks that you don't want to dance to. Take a seat and socialise, the next track is less than 4 minutes away.

Hot and cold drinks and snacks are provided and the fun starts at 8pm and goes on until midnight. If you are getting a little bored by your dance, or are a tango newbie who wants to gain confidence while having fun, or if you simply love to dance, Milonga Uno is perfect for you.

Tango UK dance studio, Bramshaw SO43 7JE. 8 8pm - midnight every 2nd Friday of the month.

Steve Morrall is a professional member of the Foundation for Community Dance. Click logo for more details.

Debbie Morrall is a professional member of the Foundation for Community Dance. Click logo for more details.

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Tango at Bramshaw


Traditional Salon Tango (tandas and cortinas) Tea dances every 1st Sunday from 2-6pm, 10

Week days
Private lessons available on request: CONTACT

on Tuesday
Tango: The music, the moves, the magic...
 A weekly tango class for dancers who want to explore and improve a musical connection in close embrace.
8pm - 9.30pm plus 1 hour practica 8

on Wednesday

Embracing the core elements of tango. A class focussed on improving repertoire (moves) and flow (confidence) 8pp
(Please call to book)

on Thursday
Introducing Beginners to this beautiful dance - an 8 week course. First week is a taster session 10. Choose to sign up for the rest of the 7 week course for 56 (8pp/pw)
(Please call to book contact)

on Friday
Non traditional, nuevo and alternative Milonga Uno every 2nd Friday of the month and tradtional milongas on weekends when we hold a Tango Tangk. 


on Saturday
Usually our Saturday milonga is on the last Saturday on the month - see online calendar for dates.

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Tango UK on facebook

Have you read the discussion threads on our Tango UK FaceBook group about dancing, learning and interaction?

There have been some interesting points made from both the man's and the woman's perspective.

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